Protect the people that propel your business.

Powered by Vision AI, Oosto provides actionable intelligence to keep your customers, employees, and visitors safe.

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False Alarms


Detection Speed

Oosto offers the highest level of facial recognition accuracy with 0.1% false alarms and 0.2ms detection speed.
Organizations with Oosto experience a 90% increase in security team productivity.

Turn any camera into an active safety and security system.

Recognize What Matters

Oosto's Vision AI platform transforms passive cameras into proactive security systems for real-time recognition of security threats and bad actors, even under adverse conditions.

Moving to the Edge

Oosto moves more compute processing to the edge making video processing faster, more economical, and more secure.

Going Touchless

Using face-based biometrics with liveness detection, Oosto enables organizations to minimize physical contact risks.

Actionable Intelligence

Oosto sends real-time alerts of unauthorized personnel, watchlist detections, and unknown individuals when they enter a restricted zone.

Respect Your Customer

Through ethical machine learning models and state-of-the-art privacy controls, Oosto identifies persons of interest while protecting the identity of bystanders.

Easy to Integrate

Leveraging existing infrastructure, Oosto is simple and cost effective to install, resulting in faster time-to-value.

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The Rise of Ethical Facial Recognition

Learn about how facial recognition works, the ethical challenges associated with the technology, and how Oosto is addressing those challenges and protecting the identities and privacy of your customers and guests.

Press Release

New Features in Oosto’s Vision AI Platform Improve Restricted Zone Alerting, Recognition of Masked Individuals and Forensics Capabilities

November 02, 2021

Next-gen capabilities designed to improve building safety and security, while expediting investigations by pinpointing people of interest in minutes.

Press Release

Visual AI Company AnyVision Changes its Name to Oosto

October 27, 2021

Company also announces a new research partnership with Carnegie Mellon University to fuel innovation in safety use cases and next generation recognition technologies, including object and behavioral recognition.


How Facial Recognition Can Transform Your Surveillance Team into a Revenue-Generating Machine

Thanks to Vision AI, facial recognition and video analytics can enable new use cases that enhance the customer experience, streamline compliance, and pinpoint operational bottlenecks.